Magic potions

Everybody need to have a good potion from time to time.

As each entrepreneur knows — first step is to target a pain of huge amount of people and then solve it, so it was only a matter of time when this project would be developed.


A simple Jar

Potion from a crazy scientist cellar

Some common chemistry bottles

Heart looking bottle


Bottle proportions can be changed by dragging gizmo lines

Light can be adgusted by dragging the sun icon


Bottle shape is defined by applied modifiers

There are 5 types of modifiers right now:


Liquid color is using OKLCH color space for generating and randomizing vibrant colors. All of them can be adjusted manually.

Special effects

Sparkles or bubbles can be added to the liquid. Shading slider would change color gradients.

Save and Load

Get image would generate a png of the bottle. Scale can be adjusted in the save dialog. Transparent color would be used as the background.

Images downloaded from the editor are save files, and can be open for continue editing.

I use seeded random, so just loaded save would look exactly as the png image.

This behavior is achieved by adding custom sections to the png file. Do not use messengers compression option if you do not want to lose it.

Steganography save option was also considered, but I think it would be an overkill for this project.


Free for non-commercial usage.

If you are an indie developer making a great game and want to use potions as assets — send me 5 euro.

If you want to use potions in some book\magazine — send me 15 euro.

If you are making commercial assets for unity\unreal stores contact me.

If you want to make a service (like printing custom stickers) based on potion generator — contact me.