Even in the pixel-world it is crucial to have a feature of displaying text information and numbers.

I've drawn a pixelart font. Each glyph should be placed in a 6x8 pixels cell. The font contains Upper and Lower english letters, special characters, big cyrilic letters and digits. Font may be extended later.

Here is the full image:

I want to make something special and this font would not be monospace! The blue column would contain binary data. There are 8 bits of binary data in the last column.

Every glyph is extended with the metadata that contains width, height, deltaX, deltaY.

First 4 bits would encode deltaY. First 3 bits encode a number from 0-7, and the last bit is for positive (0) and negative (1) movement.

Next 4 bits are encoding deltaX in the same way.

deltaX and deltaY helps to position the glyph. For example, it makes possible to move g, y letters a bit down

The next column is used for encode width and height of the glyph.

Also, I've made a fallback for the unknown character

  Arguments of the print function:
    scaleX  = 1
    scaleY  = 1
print( 'THE QUICK BROWN FOX JUMPS OVER THE \nLAZY DOG ppp прполдекнегшщш', 10, 10, colors[ 1 ] );

\n is supported as a new line character

var textColor = 0x807322, y = 0; print( 'Abc, def. Ghi ?!:.,;', 10, y+=15, textColor ); print( 'The quick brown fox jumps over the lazy dog', 10, y+=15, textColor ); // \n is here and a lot of unknown characters! print( 'THE QUICK BROWN FOX JUMPS OVER THE \nLAZY DOG ppp прполдекнегшщш', 10, y+=15, textColor ); print( 'GAME OVER ЖЯЖ«Я', 50, y+=30, textColor, 2, 2 ); print( 'iiiiiiiiii,,::', 10, y+=25, textColor ); print( 'oooooooooo', 10, y+=15, textColor ); print( 'mmmmmmmmmm', 10, y+=15, textColor );

Maybe later I would add some functions for text alignment. For now there are not.

added getPrintWidth method that takes text as input and returns a Number. If you need scaling — you should do it manually by using the multiplication!